Why are your prices cheaper than other estate agents?

Unlike most estate agents, we don’t have a board or directors to pay tens of thousands of pounds each month too, nor do we have a mansion on the hill with a different car for every day of the week. What we do is work hard and for a fair price. We don’t compromise on marketing, advertising or customer service! You will never just be a number to us, you will always be a valued customer.

What differences are there between Aycliffe Homes and Other estate agents?

Well, mainly the price… We pride ourselves on being open, honest and transparent which is why we will NEVER hide our fees from you. There are no hidden charges and absolutely no commision. Aycliffe Homes pride ourselves on maximum advertising with world class customer service!

How does using a Hybrid Agent compare to a High Street agent?

In reality, there is no difference, you still get Rightmove, Zoopla and many other online websites. You still get access to our database of buyers. We still operate and work locally, have great local area knowledge and years of experience. People are still able to come into our office to discuss properties.  By keeping our overheads down you get great customer service, all the main internet portals at an honest price!

EPC? What is it and do I need it?

An EPC is an energy performance certificate, legally you need one to sell a property. An assessor will come out and assess how energy efficient your home is. We are happy to arrange this for you using one of our dedicated Energy |Assessor.

I need mortgage advice… HELP?

We have an in house mortgage adviser who has access to the whole of the market and is able to provide you with free, no obligation advice.

Do I need a conveyancer?

Yes, buying or selling a home, you need one. We work with a team of local solicitors who will be able to assist. No only that but they’re hard working and compliant and actually enjoy seeing their clients move home! Contact us and we will put you in touch with them!

I’m a cash buyer and want a survey, who do I turn too?

Ask Aycliffe Homes, we will put you in touch with a local surveyor who will be able to help.

What areas do you cover?

The whole of the North East, we have successfully sold homes all across the North East. We love selling homes it’s a passion of ours, make us your next move!

How much are you charging me?

They say the best things in life are free… However not in this case, unfortunately we have to charge a small fee for our services… They are very cost effective. We have two packages for selling a home, £299 or £499.

What about VAT? Will you add that on?

NO… What we quote is what we charge.

I’m interested in one of your properties, what do I do?

Simply click on the link for more information, call us on 01325  or email us on Sales@aycliffehomes.co.uk

Can I list my properties for sale on Rightmove, Onthemarket and Zoopla myself?

The short answer to this question is No. In order to sell your property on the leading property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and Onthemarket.com, you need to market your home through an estate agent. Also, we do this for a living, we know what we are doing!

My property Questions

How do I sell my home with Aycliffe Homes?


1. Choose your package
2. Arrange a visit from our local property consultant
3. We will take professional photos and draw up floor plans
4. Market your property within 24-48 hours on the property portals and have exclusive access to our buyer database
5. Conduct viewings and negotiate offers
6. Accept an offer and agree a sale
7. Let us work relentlessly to get you through to completion.

Do you take photos and floorplans?

Yes! We love taking photos and doing floor plans, not only do they increase the level of interest, they also showcase your home in the best possible light..

Where will my home be advertised?

Rightmove, Zoopla and Onthemarket.com alongside www.aycliffehomes.co.uk and sent to all of our buyers on our exclusive buyer database.

Negotiating my offer?

We love selling houses, but even more we love getting you a sale with an offer you’re happy with. We will negotiate until you’re happy with the price achieved for your home.

Who does the viewings?

We can, or you! Whichever you would prefer. We can speak objectively about your home, but you can speak about the reasons why you brought it, what made you fall in love with it. Either way, we are happy to accommodate, at no extra cost!

I’ve sold, how long do I have to wait to complete?

Normally 2 months, however a lot of external factors can affect this. We have had sales go through as quickly as 7 days and some as long as 6 months! It depends on your circumstances and your buyers. You’re always in control and if the buyer can’t complete within your timeframe, we will find one who can!

I’ve paid upfront, what’s your incentive to sell my home?

Seeing you smile! Our business needs customers to refer us, to talk about us and to tell their friends and family about what a good job we’ve done.

I’m on the market with another agent, can you help?

Check with your current agent about your contract. We are happy to go multi agency, however we would always recommend just having one agent on board. But we will work with you. We are very flexible

Do you provide viewing feedback?

Of course, this is key to you and us understanding what buyers are thinking. If it’s something simple we can change to get your property sold, we will! Believe it or not, once, a carpet put a buyer off purchasing a property. We negotiated, a new carpet was fitted and the sale went through! Viewing feedback is so important!

Ready to Buy?

If you are a buyer looking to buy a property please provide us with your details and we will actively source properties for you! No matter the location, size or price… We will speak to our database of sellers to get you the home or investment you want!